Volunteer and Work Exchange

Thank you for your interest in the Work Exchange Program. All positions are filled.

Volunteers and Work Exchange participants play a key role in creating an organized and seamless event for attendees of the 2012 US BIochar Conference. The Volunteer and Work Exchange program is available for qualified participants who are interested in assisting the conference managers in the production of the conference. Benefits include:

  • FREE admission to conference sessions
  • Opportunities to connect with speakers, attendees and other participants
  • Feeling gratitude for being part of an enthusiastic team


  • Communicate: Complete this online form and reply to conference emails in a timely fashion
  • Commitment: Be available for at least two 3 hour shifts to be considered
  • Contribution: Pay a $35 badge fee ($20 refundable)
  • Rules: Liability, dess code, timeliness and courtesy

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Registration - assist attendees with registratiuon
  • Information - staff the information booth
  • Usher - observe conference sessions, evaluate presentations, and help with timing
  • Speaker Guide - help speakers locate session rooms
  • Runner - move, lift, carry, and deliver
  • Welcome Team - greet attendees at key events

How it works

  • Work at least 6 hours (2 shifts) and attend the balance of that day
  • Work 15 or more hours (5 shifts) and attend the whole conference
    (housing and meals not included)

Cell number, if available, is preferred.
Less than 100 words please.
Select all that apply.
Sunday: 10AM-1PM
Sunday: 1PM-4PM
Sunday: 4PM-7PM
Sunday: 7PM-10PM
Monday: 7AM-10AM
Monday: 10AM-1PM
Monday: 1PM-4PM
Monday: 4PM-7PM
Monday: 7PM-10PM
Tuesday: 7AM-10AM
Tuesday: 10AM-1PM
Tuesday: 1PM-4PM
Tuesday: 4PM-7PM
Tuesday: 7PM-10PM
Wednesday: 7AM-10AM
Wednesday: 10AM-1PM
Wednesday: 1PM-4PM
Wednesday: 4PM-7PM
It's best to work no more than three session in any one day.
100 words or less please.
Most Work Exchange positions require a person to lift and move 20-30 pound boxes, stand and/or walk for up to two hours at a time, and read written instructions. Can you perform all of these functions?
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