Bert Bennett, Ph.D.

Dr. Bert Bennett is a Principal Scientist and Senior Engineer at ICM, Inc., a renewable energy company established in 1995 and headquartered in Colwich, Kansas. He is responsible for leading ICM’s research and development efforts in industrial-scale gasification and biochar production systems. ICM is active in promoting biochar research efforts and has supplied over 300 tons of biochar to research institutions located throughout the Midwest, Canada and Mexico.

Gregory Stangl

Gregory Stangl, CEO of Phoenix Energy, has been working in the energy and environment field since early 1999 when he led the buyout and subsequent turnaround of Energy Investors, a firm dedicated to improving air quality in Europe by replacing coal furnaces and improving facility energy efficiency. Developments in Europe led the business into the biomass gasification arena, such that in 2007 Phoenix Energy was spun out to focus exclusively on that market in the US.

David Morell Ph.D

David is a former EPA and California regulatory agency official with over 40 years of experience in government, industry, consulting, and academia. He is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in permitting, compliance management, and environmental policy development. Dr. Morell is a lead ISO 14000 auditor and has helped implement compliance and management programs in a wide variety of industries. Dr. Morell has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Princeton; Stanford; the University of California, Berkeley, Davis, and Santa Cruz; and at Mae Fah Luang University in northern Thailand.

Raymond Baltar

Raymond is currently pursuing a second career in sustainability, with biochar as the focus. For his Capstone project in the Green MBA he was the lead writer for a proposed gasification facility in Sonoma County called Sonoma Green Energy. He recently completed an assignment as consultant and lead writer for a biochar/renewable energy business plan for an Eco Commercial Park in Moss Landing California.

Robin J Cook

Robin Cook has been in the native seed business for over 18 years. His experience specializes in new technology development based on natural processes. This experience in seeding, erosion control and streambank restoration, has helped many industry Architects and Engineers to implement complex designs for ecological restoration. Robin is a Certified Installer of the Envirolok Vegetated Slope Protection System, and is a Certified River Restoration Professional thru Portland State University.

Jeff Wallin

Jeff is a co-founder of The Biochar Company (formally EcoTechnologies Group) a whole-systems development company and the senior partner of HMI Biochar in Kauai, Hawaii. He is one of the foremost biochar entrepreneurs in the country, with a focus on advancing new technologies, launching projects, building supportive teams to demonstrate and prove biochar's sustainability, while creating trusted biochar brands with The Soil Reef and Hawaii Biochar Product. Jeff is also the founder of the Char Alliance for The First Tier.

Jeff Schahczenski

Jeff Schahczenski is an agricultural and natural resource economist with the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). His recent work includes publication of studies on biochar and soil carbon sequestration, the role of agriculture in climate change, and the economics of biodiesel production in Montana.

Morgan Williams

Research and development exec with broad experience in the implementation and management of multi-year, multi-location bioenergy production and biochar deployment projects with government, university, non-profit, and private sector partners.

Mike Rocke

Mike Rocke is Vice President of Corporate Development for CoolPlanetBioFuels, which produces a negative-carbon gasoline blend from non-food renewable biomass through thermocatalytic processing. The firm’s business model is to build, sell, and operate modular fuel refineries that produce gasoline in close proximity to biomass, which in turn is sold to major refiners who need low- and negative-carbon gasoline inputs. The company is currently producing and testing fuel that meets the California 2020 Low Carbon Fuel Standard in conventional automobiles. Mike has previous experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Intel Corporation, and Transonic Combustion.

Peter Hirst

After retiring from a career in energy and natural resources, Peter founded New England Biochar with Bob Wells in 2009, and has been manufacturing, consulting, training and presenting on biochar use and production ever since.


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