Sonoma Biochar Initiative

The Sonoma Biochar Initiative (SBI), founded in 2009, is a California-based organization dedicated to promoting biochar education, production and use throughout Sonoma County. SBI operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the Sonoma Ecology Center (SEC) []. We interact with our strategic partners to educate local agricultural operators (including vineyard managers), local government officials, and other stakeholders on the advantages of using biochar to enhance agricultural productivity while reducing GHG emissions. SBI sees accelerated use of biochar as the key to soil restoration and recovery as well as a “fast mitigation technology” being cited increasingly in international climate talks. SBI is seeking ways to establish local demonstration projects for biochar production and application, experimenting with available agricultural and urban yard waste biomass feedstocks.

Sonoma Biochar Initiative (SBI)

Ray Gallian -
SBI Chairman and Chief Biochar Advocate

Raymond Baltar -
SBI Director and Treasurer

David Morell -
SBI Secretary

Richard Dale -
Director Sonoma Ecology Center & SBI Board Member

Peter Hirst -
SBI Advisor

Diacarbon Energy

Diacarbon is a waste-to-bioproducts company, that utilizes its proprietary slow pyrolysis technology to convert underutilized biomass into renewable alternative fuels such as biooil, syngas, and biocoal, and value added soil conditioners such as biochar.  Diacarbon produces large quantities of biochar made from wood waste, animal manure, and agricultural residues, and is currently engineering a series of designer biochar formulations to promote beneficial interactions in your growth media.

Biochar Now

Biochar Now works with clients globally to provide solutions for some of today’s most urgent environmental concerns including soil degradation, food insecurity, air and water quality, deforestation, and climate change.

Using the most effective production method, Biochar Now offers a superior biochar that is certified organic and suitable for large scale applications in the areas of crop production, oil and gas drilling, mine reclamation, composting and odor control – and available when needed.

2012 US Biochar Conference Sponsors

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