2012 Schedule

print scheduleDue to the large number of professional presentations in this program, all times listed in this conference schedule will be diligently adhered to by session moderators and each speaker.  Please help us keep this program on schedule and show appropriate courtesy to both speakers and attendees by helping us adhere to our strict on-time policy. Thanks.

DAY TIME Location TITLE Presenter Presentation Title
Sunday 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Cooperage Check In    
Sunday   Cooperage Pre-Conference Meetings   We will be listing pre-conference meetings and events once these times are set.
Sunday 1:00 PM Biochar Village Cheese Tour   NOTE: Space limited, prior registration mandatory
Sunday 3:00 PM Biochar Village Wine Tour   NOTE: Space limited, prior registration mandatory
Sunday 6:00 PM Lakes Welcome Reception    
        David Morell, PhD, Sonoma Biochar Initiative Welcome to the 2012 Conference from SBI
        Jake Mackenzie, Mayor, Rohnert Park, CA and Board, Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority Welcoming Remarks
        Ray Gallian, Sonoma Biochar Initiative Welcoming Remarks
        Erich Knight, BIochar Advocate Carbon Conservation for Home, Health, Energy & Climate
Sunday 7:00 PM Cooperage Social Conversation    
Monday 7:00 AM Zinfandel Hall Monday Breakfast    
Monday 8:00 AM Person Theater OPENING SESSION AND WELCOME Raymond Baltar, Sonoma Biochar Initiative Overview -- Goals of the Conference
Monday 8:15 AM Person Theater Introduction of Conference and First Plenary Session Gloria Flora, USBI Biochar, Now More Than Ever
Monday 8:30 AM Person Theater State of the Biochar Industry Lopa Brunjes, The Biochar Company Who's Who and What's What?
        Bruno Glaser, PhD, Martin Luther University (Germany), [paper presented by Daniela Busch, University of Halle (Germany)] Current State of Biochar Development in Europe
        Thayer Tomlinson, IBI Update on IBI Programs and Activities
Monday 9:40 AM Person Theater Lobby Monday Morning Break    
Monday 10:00 AM Person Theater Sustainable Business Models    
        Josiah Hunt, Hawaii BIochar Lessons from Three Years of Practical Experience in Hawaii
        Peter Hirst, New England Biochar Down on the Farm: Building Integrated Systems
        Jeff Wallin, The Biochar Company Whole Systems Business Models for a Sustainable Biochar Industry
Monday 10:00 AM Cooperage Special Presentations by Chinese Delegation    

Xiao Yunhan, PhD

Mobile Biochar Pyrolysis Technology and Equipment


Cheng Huiqiang

Agricultural Residue Use in China in Recent Years

        Jun Meng, PhD

Biochar for Sustainable Agriculture


Zhong Zheke, PhD

Two Years’ Commercial Experience with Biochar: Feasibility and Benefits

Monday 10:00 AM Salazar 2016 Biochar Science: Pyrolysis    
        Catherine Brewer, Iowa State University [paper presented by David Laird, PhD, Iowa State University] Oxygen in a Slow Pyrolysis Atmosphere
        Yanxue Han, Beijing Forestry University Switchgrass, Hardwood and Softwood with Differing Pyrolysis
        Fungai Mukome, PhD, University of California, Davis Using Chemical and Physical Characteristics to Investigate Trends in Feedstocks
        D. Nathaniel Mulcahy, Worldstove Biochar Production for Soil Restoration
Monday 10:00 AM Salazar 2021 Tropical Soils Trials in Africa and India    
        Jason Aramburu, re:char Vegetable Production in Kenya
        Andrew Crane-Droesch, University of California, Berkeley Yields for Smallholders in Kenya
        Ryan Hottle, Ohio State University Impact of Biochar Use on Nutrient Poor Soils in India
        Kevin Schreiber, University of Pennsylvania Business Aspects of Using Sugar Cane Wastes in Uganda
Monday 11:30 AM Person Theater Keynote Address Sunne McPeak, President & CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund & former California Secretary of the Business, Transportation & Housing Agency Building a Successful Biochar Business in California: Challenges and Opportunities
Monday 12:15 PM Zinfandel Hall Monday Lunch    
Monday 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM Biochar Village Farm-Out Session I: Valley End Farm Visit to a nearby farm to meet the farmer and discuss implications and impacts of biochar use Methods of Biochar Application: Best Practices for Applying Biochar on Small and Large Farms
        Valley End Farm is a Certified Organic vegetable farm, with Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) membership. NOTE: Space limited, prior pre-registration mandatory. Bus transportation will be provided.
Monday 1:15 PM Cooperage Mid-Sized Biochar Production Technologies    
        Jonah Levine, Biochar Solutions Biochar Solutions’ Machine
        Jerry Whitfield PhD, Whitfield Biochar Continuous Flow Biochar Reactor
        Johannes Schneeberger, Thermal Engineer, Inventor & Entrepreneur The LAURIN Engine: Electricity Generation and Biochar
        Martin Olazar, PhD, University of the Basque Country (Spain) Conical Spouted Bed Reactor
Monday 1:15 PM Salazar 2021 Urban Agriculture    
        Justin Beck, Biochar Advocate Biochar Use at Urban Farms in Germany
        Kelby Fite, PhD and Drew Zwart, Bartlett Tree Research Labs Improving Urban and Suburban Landscapes with Biochar
        Jeff Licht, University of Massachusetts at Boston Using Biochar on Urban Roofs
Monday 1:15 PM Salazar 2016 Biochar Science    
        Daniela Busch, University of Halle (Germany) Risk Evaluation using Bio Indicators
        Zuolin Liu, Rice University Hydraulic Conductivity and Soil Water Potential: Impacts of Concentration and Particle Size
        Daoyuan Wang, University of California, Davis Biochar Doses, Grain Diameters and Water-Holding Capacity
        Meghana Rao, Jesuit High School, Oregon Carbon Sequestration and Particle Size
Monday 2:40 PM Cooperage Monday Mid-afternoon Break    
Monday 3:00 PM PM - 5:00 PM Biochar Village Farm-Out Session II: Tara Firma Farm Visit to a nearby farm to meet the farmer and discuss possible implications and impacts of biochar use. Methods of Biochar Application: Best Practices for Applying Biochar on Small and Large Farms
        Tara Firma Farm is a CSA (vegetables, pastured chicken, beef, pork, poultry, and eggs) and Institute. NOTE: Space limited, prior pre-registration mandatory. Bus transportation will be provided.
Monday 3:00 PM Cooperage Biochar Use and Temperate Agriculture    
        David Laird, PhD, Iowa State University Biochar Mitigation of Allelopathy Induced Yield Loss in Continuous Maize
        Stefanie Kloss, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria) Soil and Plant Yield Responses in Temperate Soils
        Natalia Rogovska, Iowa State University Effect of Biochar Use on Soybean Root Disease Potential
Monday 3:00 PM Salazar 2021 Improving Soil Systems    
        Mike Flynn, BioSpecific LLC Making Soils Smarter and Happier with VermiChar
        Robin Cook, Sunmark Environmental Using Permamatrix to Reduce Costs
        Sunny Castillo, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Application of Biochar to Subarctic Soils
Monday 3:00 PM Salazar 2016 Reclamation Using Biochar: Mines and Industrial Sites    
        Charlene Kelly, PhD, USGS Biochar Use in Mine Reclamation
        K.Thomas Klasson, PhD, USDA Mercury Removal Using Biochar
        Chun-Ha Gao, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China) Effects of Different Organic Materials on Soil Carbon Accumulation in Reclaimed Coal Mine Area
Monday 5:30 PM Zinfandel Hall Monday Night Dinner    
Monday 7:00 PM Person Theater Movie: Symphony of the Soil The film examines our relationship with soil, the use and misuse of soil in agriculture, deforestation and development, and the latest scientific research on soil’s key role in ameliorating the most challenging environmental issues of our time.  
Tuesday 7:00 AM Zinfandel Hall Tuesday Breakfast    
 Tuesday 8:00 AM Person Theater Tuesday Welcome Acknowledging Sponsors and Special Guests  
Tuesday 8:30 AM Person Theater Carbon and Energy Policy Issues    
        Johannes Lehmann, PhD, Cornell University Biochar and Carbon In Perspective
        Peter Hirst, New England Biochar Building a Biochar Industry: Roles for Carbon and Energy
        Rhys Roth, Climate Solutions Biochar and the Second Climate Solution
        Karl Frogner, PhD, UB International Biochar in the Hansen and Woolf Climate Change Models
Tuesday 9:45 AM Person Theater Lobby Tuesday Morning Break    
Tuesday 10:00 AM Person Theater Large Production Technology    
        Tom Miles, T.R. Miles, Technical Consultants, Inc Product and Process Options for the Biochar Entrepreneur
        Thomas Del Monte, Interra Energy A Project Developer’s Guide to Picking a Biomass Conversion Technology
        Bert Bennett, ICM The ICM Gasifier: Industrial Biochar Production
        Greg Stangl, Phoenix Energy Generating Electricity and Making Biochar: Successes and Challenges
Tuesday 10:00 AM Cooperage Biochar Production Economics    
        John Bonitz, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Regional Bioenergy Progress and Industry Assessment
        David Sjoding, Washington State University, Pacific Region Bioenergy Partnership, & USDOE Northwest Clean Energy Application Center  Pacific Northwest Perspective on Developing a Biochar Industry
Tuesday 10:00 AM Salazar 2021 Special Chars and Feedstocks    
        Michael Urban, Biochar Merchants Using Lump Charcoal Byproducts as a Soil Amendment
        Dr. Christoph Fühner, PhD, Ufz (Germany) Biochar as a Tool for Sustainable Sanitation
        Brian von Herzen, PhD, The Climate Foundation Making Biochar from Novel Biosolids Sources
        Kelly Sveinson, Langara College (Canada) Production of “Designer” Biochar
Tuesday 10:00 AM Salazar 2016 Non-Agricultural Uses of Biochar    
        Sophie Minori Uchimiya, PhD, USDA Treating Heavy Metals and Pesticides in Contaminated Soils
        Seok-Young Oh, PhD, University of Ulsan (Korea) Biochar Remediated Reduction of Nitro Herbicides and Explosives
        John Miedema, Thompson Timber and Pacific Northwest BIochar Initiative Using Designer Biochar for Water Remediation
Tuesday 11:15 AM Person Theater Small Biochar Production Technologies    
        Wayne Teel, PhD, James Madison University Capturing Heat from a Small Biochar Production System
        Paul "Dr TLUD" Anderson, Chip Energy TLUD Cookstoves and Barrel-size Production of Biochar
        Dan Mackenzie, retired environmental scientist Producing Backyard Biochar
        Karl Frogner, UB International Jolly Rodger TLUD
Tuesday 11:15 AM Cooperage National and Regional Perspectives on Biochar Use    
        Richard Frankel, PhD, Mae Fah Luang University (Thailand) Approaches to Biochar Use in Laos and Thailand
        Anthony Anyia, PhD, Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures, AITF Alberta’s Biochar Experience
        M. Ryan Delaney, Carbon Roots International Biochar Adoption and Poverty in Haiti
Tuesday 11:15 AM Salazar 2021 Char Characterization    
        Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, Alterna Biocharbon [paper presented by Greg Thiele, Micromeritic]   Analytical Options for Determining Adsorption and Surface Area
        Kurt Spokas, USDA Evaluation of Sorbed PAHs
        Bernardo del Campo, Iowa State University Stability and Safe Application of Fast Pyrolysis Biochar
Tuesday 11:15 AM Salazar 2016 Special Soil Effects I    
        Bob Cirino, University of Delaware Effect on Arabidopsis and Soil Microbial Communities
        Colleen Rostad, USGS Environmental Implications of Water Soluble Components
        Adam Asquith, University of Hawaii Biochar Trials with Depleted Hawaiian Soils
Tuesday 12:00 PM Biochar Village SMV SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE BEGINS    
      This shuttle bus runs from the Biochar Village to Sonoma Mountain Village where several components of the Tuesday afternoon program take place, followed by the Gala Dinner.   
Tuesday 12:15 PM Zinfandel Hall Tuesday Lunch    
Tuesday 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM Biochar Village Farm-Out Session III: Green String Farm Visit to a nearby farm to meet the farmer and discuss possible implications and impacts of biochar use Methods of Biochar Application: Best Practices for Applying Biochar on Small and Large Farms
Green String is a sustainable farm focused on aiding, rather than fighting, natural processes to grow healthy and happy fruits and vegetables. NOTE: Space limited, prior pre-registration mandatory. Bus transportation will be provided.
Tuesday 1:15 PM Cooperage Biochar Impacts on Nitrogen    
        Engil Pereira, University of California, Davis Effects on Soil Structure and GHG Emissions
        Kurt Spokas, USDA Interactions with Dissolved Ammonia and Nitrates
        Teri Angst, University of Edinburgh (UK) Nutrient Retention and Nitrous Oxide Emissions
Tuesday 1:15 PM Salazar 2021 Special Soil Effects II    
        Caroline Masiello, PhD, Rice University Biochar Effects on Microbial Cell-Cell Communication
        Jesus Diaz, PhD, Colorado State University Soil Microbial Community Abundance and Composition
        Jatara Wise, Texas A&M University Feedstock Nutrient Conservation in Biochar
Tuesday 1:15 PM Salazar 2016 Biochar and Forestry    
        Judith Harwood, Mendocino County (CA) Biomass Working Group Mendocino County Biochar Demonstration Project
        Mark Coleman, PhD, University of Idaho Impacts of Biochar Use in Western Forests
Tuesday 1:30 PM SMV Sustainability Guidelines, Standards and Practices (Review Meeting)    
        Gloria Flora, USBI USBI’s Approach: Sustainability and Beyond
        John Miedema, Thompson Timber and Pacific Northwest BIochar Initiative The Need for Biochar Sustainability Protocols
        Kelpie Wilson, IBI Developing International Sustainability Guidelines for Biochar
Tuesday 1:15 PM SMV - Board Room Biochar 101    
      A special information session (speacial session passes

Biochar 101 is a special session for those attendees who cannot attend the the full conference, but are seeking an intensive introduction to vital information about biochar: the key characteristics that raise the most  serious hopes and policy challenges for its future as a tool for ecological and environmental management.

        Alex Dolginow, Climate Protection Campaign  
        Peter Hirst, New England Biochar  
Tuesday 2:40 PM Cooperage/SMV Tuesday Mid-afternoon Break    
Tuesday 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Biochar Village Farm-Out Session IV: Gap's Crown Vineyard Visit to a nearby farm to meet the farmer and discuss possible implications and impacts of biochar use
        Gap's Crown Vineyard is a wine grape and riparian restoration project along Copeland Creek. NOTE: Space limited, prior pre-registration mandatory. Bus transportation will be provided.
Tuesday 3:00 PM SMV New GHG Offset Quantification Methodology   This special presentation will address important new work being supported by funding from the Blue Moon Foundation. The presenters will introduce conference attendees to this process and provide insight and guidance into how stakeholders can get engaged.
        Peter Weisberg, The Climate Trust  
        Keith Driver, Prasino Group  
Tuesday 3:00 PM SMV - Board Room Financing Biochar Enterprises    
      As with any new industry, finding startup or growth capital can be daunting and is often as much of an educational campaign as a challenging numbers game. This special session will provide tips and information on financing strategies from some well-known companies in the biochar industry, interacting with a special panel of experts representing both traditional financing sources (such as angel investors and investment banking) and emerging alternatives (such as direct public offerings, crowd funding, and slow money). The session will consist of short presentations followed by what we anticipate to be a very lively, interactive discussion among the experts and participants from the audience.
        Mike Rocke of Cool Planet Biofuels, a firm developing new ways to make negative-carbon biofuels along with biochar.  
        Jonah Levine of Biochar Solutions, designer and producer of continuous flow biochar production equipment.  
        Jenny Kassan of Cutting Edge Capital, specialists in raising capital for small businesses from non-traditional sources.  
        Tony Cone of Westhoff, Cone and Holmstedt, a firm specializing in innovative public finance techniques.  
        Lisa Tamayo-Kennedy of investorMetrix, an entrepreneur and investor working with clean tech startup ventures.  
        Paul Bozzo, 10X Group  
        Jeff Wallin, The Biochar Company  
        Greg Stangl, Phoenix Energy  
        Jack Lance, Investor/Entrepreneur  
        Ashwin Gulati, President, Match Point Ventures  
Tuesday 4:00 PM SMV Foyer Poster Presentations    
      See the conference website for a separate listing of all poster presenters and their topics.   
Tuesday 7:00 PM SMV Dinner Keynote Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow-in-Residence and Board Secretary, Post Carbon Institute  Soil, Carbon, and Survival
Tuesday 8:30 PM SMV - Board Room Social Conversation    
Wednesday 7:00 AM Zinfandel Hall Wednesday Breakfast    
Wednesday 8:00 AM Person Theater Wednesday Welcome    
Wednesday 8:15 AM Person Theater The Road Ahead    
        David Laird, PhD, Iowa State University Achieving a Carbon-Negative Economy
        Jeff Schahczenski, National Center for Appropriate Technology Food or Fuel: Economic and Political Barriers to Biochar Development
        Ronald Larson, PhD, USBI and IBI Advisory Board Biochar SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
Wednesday 9:40 AM Person Theater Lobby Wednesday Morning Break    
Wednesday 10:00 AM Person Theater World Enterprise Perspectives    
        Morgan Williams, Biochar Solutions Biochar Solutions and the Virgin Earth Challenge
        Craig Sams, Carbon Gold Taking Biochar to Market in the UK and Tropical Agriculture
        Mike Rocke, CoolPlanet Biofuels  The Cool Planet Approach to Creating Fuels from Biomass
Wednesday 10:00 AM Cooperage Biochar Use in Specialized Agricultural Settings    
        Elizabeth Verhoeven, University of California, Davis Biochar Use in Vineyards
        Kurt Spokas, USDA Biochar and Specialty Crop Production
        Jeff Licht, University of Massachusetts at Boston Biochar and Sand Plain Species
        Heinz-Joseph Koch, PhD, University of Goettingen (Germany) High Nitrogen Supply Alleviates Reduced Sugarbeet Growth Caused by Hydrochar Application
Wednesday 10:00 AM Salazar 2016 Special Issues in Biochar Use    
        John Miedema, Thompson Timber and Pacific Northwest BIochar Initiative Using Industrial Surplus Materials to Produce Biochar
        Ines Vogel, PhD, Free University of Berlin (Germany) Using Biochar Substrates for Degradation of Organic Pollutants in Soils of Former Military Areas
        Benjamin Wirth, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering (Potsdam, Germany) Anaerobic Treatment of HTC Wastewater
Wednesday 10:00 AM Salazar 2021 Biochar Specialty Uses    
        Sherie Edenborn, PhD, Chatham University Using Compost Tea to Enhance Biochar’s Beneficial Properties
        Sholeb Akaram, Shastra University (India) Reducing Soil and Water Pollution from Pathogens in Poultry Manure
        Konstantin Terytze, PhD, Free University of Berlin (Germany) Application in the Berlin Botanical Garden
Wednesday 11:30 AM Person Theater Conference Final Comments and Next Steps Raymond Baltar, Sonoma Biochar Initiative Farewell and “where do we go from here?”
        Gloria Flora, USBI Next Steps for Biochar in the US
Wednesday 12:15 PM Zinfandel Hall Wednesday Lunch    
Wednesday 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Biochar Village Sonoma Compost Tour

We will go on a chronological tour following organic matter from receiving all the way through the finished product in retail. The tour will be a short course in composting, highlighting the principles of composting and monitoring as we move through the site.

        NOTE: Space limited, prior pre-registration mandatory. Bus transportation will be provided  
Wednesday 1:15 PM Cooperage Post Conference Meetings and Events    
      See the conference website for a separate listing of all post-conference meetings and events, and for information about the 2013 USBI conference.  

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