Exchange Attendees

Stephanie Ciancio

Stephanie Ciancio is an MBA candidate at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, where sustainability and regenerative systems-thinking are woven into the core of all curriculum. As an intern with the Biochar Association, she is working to assist the growth of the biochar industry through expanding the market and facilitating the flow of best practices, services and goods. She is also working to bring green roofs experts to San Francisco for the Cities Alive green roofs and living walls conference in 2013, a great platform for biochar's inclusion in local systems solutions.

Jared Alaqua

Jared has held leadership positions across a number of industries including automotive, logistics, solar, and consulting. After joining IKEA North America, he quickly found himself evaluating equipment for national rollout and presenting to top executives. He briefly led business development for a company in the solar industry before earning an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise. He is passionate about resource efficiency, alternative energy, positive psychology, and electric cars. Jared currently works to make micro and small businesses more profitable through environmental and social sustainability.

Fungai Mukome, Ph.D

Dr. Fungai Mukome obtained his PhD in Environmental Sciences and Resources from Portland State University in 2009 and is currently a postdoctoral scholar at University of California, Davis. His research interests are in soil environmental chemistry and include investigating the effect of biochar soil amendments on carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry; characterization of biochars from different feedstock and produced under varied pyrolysis conditions; and understanding the processes and interactions responsible for biochar stabilization in soil.

Christopher Davidson

I am Exciting young Engineering student with the drive and motivation to design and build Gasification systems. Currently, I am building a 706KW anaerobic digestion power plant in Chico, CA. Also I am working with a student intern group REGEN (Rice Hull Energy Generation) collaborating together to create a unit that will be both produce a decent Synapse gas and Biochar. I have 6 years’ experience in the construction field, within everything from power plants to high-rise building construction also invested into starting up a nonprofit organization SYDTF (Sustainable Youth Development Task Force).

Shirley Johnson-Foell

Shirley Johnson-Foell is a resident in Sonoma County and graduate of Sonoma State University. She hold a B.S in Environmental Studies and a M.A in Alternative Fuels. Shirley works part-time as a teacher, and volunteers for various worthy non-profits. She is a fellow at the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy.

Steven Traiger

Steven Traiger is currently a student at Indian Valley College, Marin County, Organic Farm. I have been doing vermiculture for over 10 years and helping develop the process at the Farm for both worm castings and worm tea. I am learning to use Castings with Biochar to make Bio-castings and many other useful uses of Biochar around an Organic Farm.

Ashley Shields

Ashley Shields at the All Power Labs Spring 2012 Workshop
As a Physical Science student emphasizing in Geology at Butte College in Oroville, California. I am currently working as an intern with Steve Feher of SCDI, on the development of a continual-fed rice hull gasifier. My focus is on exploring and promoting sustainable practices; specifically the applications of biochar, and its niche in the Butte and Glenn county area.

Marcel Barrick

Marcel is interested in agroecology, polyculture, biochar and aquaponics. A skilled hand in the lab and the field, he has participated in the turfgrass research program at New Mexico State University, and staffed on small and large farming operations. He is passionate about making the important shifts in farm production practices to lay the foundations for a sustainable world.

Willis K. Baker IV

Attends Butte College in Oroville Ca, studying mechanical engineering with a focus in sustainability. I have been participating in a project to develop a continual fed rice hull gasifier in coordination with Steve Feher of STL . I also strive to bring youth into hands on projects like our biochar water filter prototype, in this process also introducing them to professors and political figures, developing a youth driven community movement!

Mary Jane "MJ" Oliveri

MJ Oliveri with Bienvenue, who created the African outfit she is wearing
MJ worked for the Sonoma County Water Agency and the City of Santa Rosa for a combined total of over 20 years as a civil engineer in the water and wastewater fields. Since 2010, she has been working with Wycliffe Associates as a Community Development Specialist in Congo-Brazzaville. Deforestation in Congo is a growing problem. MJ is seeking ways to curtail this process by bringing in the knowledge of biochar and its possibilities of creating sustainable businesses.


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