Erich J. Knight

Erich J. Knight, an ornamental gardener of 32 years, has spent the last six years advocating for thermal conversion of biomass.   He has been directly involved in several projects concerning soil carbon at James Madison University,  as well as conference planing &  presentations at ISU and CU Boulder.

Erich is working to integrate the many applications of Biochar for enteric health as a feedstuff in animal husbandry, for mine scarred lands as an in situ bioremediation for a host of toxic agents and pesticides, in addition to carbon negative energy and transportation fuels, Erich has networked and collaborated with a host of organizations across the globe. His goal is total symbiotic integration of nutrients, carbon and energy by the husbandry of whole new orders and kingdoms of life. To recruit the Wee-Beasties from numerous biomes allows nature to do the heavy lifting and solve many dilemmas in our macro world. There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom and Biochar has provided the tools to explore this vast realm.

Erich's networking efforts have lead to collaborative field trials with the Rodale Institute , DuPont & ORNL for brownfield remediation trials, and dissemination of char practices to academic & grass-roots organizations.   Additionally he has provided editorial assistance on topical articles and the leading books; "The Biochar Solution" & "The Biochar Revolution".

His policy & research lobbying efforts with the USDA, USGS, DOE, NOAA, NASA and EPA lead to a briefing of the EPA chiefs of North America at the 2011 Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

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