Charles Berkstresser

Chief Visionary Officer
TragaLuz LLC

Charles was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado. He received his undergraduate degree in International Business from University of Colorado, Boulder and Masters degree in Spirituality from Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley CA.

Prior to launching Tragaluz, Charles was the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at WesPay, a financial services trade association. Prior to that, he served for five years as the Director of Marketing & Communications for Visa Inc., where he was responsible for managing the global marketing and communications program for Visa Commercial products and services for small business, large corporate and government entities. Prior to joining Visa, Charles worked in the publishing industry for IDG Books Worldwide where he was responsible for the re-launch of the “Dummies” brand of books and in the advertising industry for Foote, Cone and Belding. He also has served as Executive Director of the Hawaii Epilepsy Foundation, a non-profit organization.

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