Craig Sams

Executive Chairman
Carbon Gold Ltd

Craig Sams was born on a farm in Nebraska.  In 1967 he and his brother Gregory founded Whole Earth Foods, expanding from an organic macrobiotic restaurant into retail, wholesaling and manufacturing. They published "Seed Magazine - The Journal of Organic Living” from 1971-1977.   Their Whole Earth brand is now one of Europe's leading organic brands

 In 1991, in partnership with Josephine Fairley, founded Green & Black's Organic Chocolate, the first product to carry the Fairtrade Mark. He is President of Green & Black’s, acquired by Cadbury’s in 2005 and subsequently by Kraft in 2010.  It is the world's leading organic chocolate brand

 Author of:, The Little Food Book  and The Story of Green & Black’s. Columnist in Natural Product News.  Soil Association Treasurer from 1990-2001 and Chairman from 2001 to 2007. 

 Founded Carbon Gold in 2008 to establish biochar as a means to restore degraded soils, enhance organic farming and sequester carbon dioxide to reverse climate change

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