Mike Rocke

Vice President Corporate Development

Mike Rocke joined CoolPlanetBioFuels in early 2010 as Vice President of Corporate Development. CoolPlanetBioFuels produces a negative carbon gasoline blendstock from non food renewable biomass through Thermocatalytic processing. CoolPlanets business model is to build, sell, and operate low capex modular fuel refineries that produce gasoline in close proximity to biomass, which in turn is sold to major refiners that need low, and negative carbon gasoline blend stock, diesel and jet fuel. The company is currently producing and testing fuel that meets the California 2020 Low Carbon Fuel Standard in conventional automobiles. Mike has always been interested in using innovation to make breakthrough products, and processes that can help solve global energy, transportation needs, and environmental issues.

Mike started his career at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) designing systems for the Laser Fusion Energy Group, has worked as an R&D Engineering Manager at Intel Corporation, and was previously the Alternative Energy Investment Director at Intel Capital. Prior to Cool Planet Mike was Vice President of business development and marketing for Transonic Combustion, an advanced fuel injection technology company. Mike has 2 U.S. patents in Hybrid Power Systems, and Integrated Platform and Fuel Cell Cooling. Mike has financial training from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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