Jun Meng, Ph.D.

Deputy Director
Liaoning Biochar Engineering & Technology Research Center

Professor Jun Meng is the Deputy Director of Liaoning Biochar Engineering & Technology Research Center. In 2006, he visited Unitec in New Zealand. 

During 2008–2010, he went to NERCITA (National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture, China) for cooperative research. Currently, he is engaged in biochar research, aimed at investigating the role of biochar in soil–plant–air continuum system, study field include pyrolysis technique and equipment, physical and chemical properties of biochar, comprehensive effects of biochar on soil and crop growth. In aspect of achievement transformation, he has hosted or co-hosted a series of extension projects, including Agricultural Technology Extension Project “Demonstration and Extension of Agro–forestry Residue Resource Utilization Technique” fund by Central Finance, Agricultural Comprehensive Exploitation Project “Agro–forestry Biochar Based Fertilizer and Integrated Technology”, and Achievement Transformation Project “Biochar Fertilizers and Soil Amendments Trial Demonstration” which was fund by Science and Technology Ministry of China.

Pro. Meng graduated from Shenyang Agricultural University, and got his Ph.D. in agronomy in 2005. 

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