Raymond Baltar

Executive Director
Sonoma Biochar Initiative

Raymond became interested in biochar while a graduate student seeking a Green MBA in Sustainable Enterprise at Dominican University of California.  During his long career as a professional photographer he became increasingly concerned about the environmental state-of-the-world—particularly the looming issues of climate change, chemical pollution, and an industrial food system tethered precariously to fossil fuels. Convinced that changing the way we do business was critical to changing the destructive behavior that is causing these major problems as well as many others, he embarked on a personal transformative journey that began when he was elected to the Executive Committee of the Sierra Club, Sonoma Chapter, continued as a founding member of Solar Sonoma County, an innovative public/private partnership promoting use of distributed solar energy throughout the county, and has now brought him to the directorship of the Sonoma Biochar Initiative.

He is currently pursuing a second career in sustainability, with biochar as the focus. For his Capstone project in the Green MBA he was the lead writer for a proposed gasification facility in Sonoma County called Sonoma Green Energy. He recently completed an assignment as consultant and lead writer for a biochar/renewable energy business plan for an Eco Commercial Park in Moss Landing California.

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