Deborah Koons Garcia

Lily Films

Deborah Koons Garcia has a Master of Fine Arts from The San Francisco Art Institute. She has made fiction, educational and documentary films. Her film production company, Lily Films, is located in Mill Valley, California. For the last ten years, she has focused primarily on films about agriculture and the food system. 

 Her film The Future of Food premiered at Film Forum in New York City. It continues to play widely all over the world in theaters and at film, food and farming festivals and conferences and at thousands of community-organized screenings. Garcia has personally taken her film to innovative venues such as Google headquarters, Burning Man arts festival in the desert of Nevada, and shown it to inmates in the gardening program at San Quentin prison.

Filmography: Deborah Koons Garcia

  • All About Babies, 1987, 5 Part series narrated by Jane Alexander 150 minutes
  • Poco Loco, 1995, 103 minutes
  • Grateful Dawg, 2000, 81 minutes (chief creative consultant/participant)
  • The Future of Food, 2004, 88 minutes|
  • Soil In Good Heart, 2008, 13 minutes
  • The Promise of Biochar, 2008, 12 minutes
  • Portrait of a Winemaker: John Williams of Frog’s Leap, 2011, 15 minutes
  • Sekem Vision, 2011, 14 minutes
  • Transition Town Totnes, 2011, 13 minutes
  • Symphony of the Soil, 2012, 103 minutes

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