Ray Gallian

Executive Director
Sonoma Biochar Initiative

Ray is the founder of the Sonoma Biochar Initiative, formalizing an interest in climate change mitigation efforts. As a Planning Commissioner for the City of Sonoma, he served as a City appointed representative to review the developing Sonoma County Climate Action Plan (2007-2009). Researching possible mitigation responses, he found biochar was the most promising, both global in scope and locally deployable, and sought a focused entity to develop a tangible demonstration project.

Thus was born SBI. Long a follower and advocate of “appropriate technology”, he tracked advances as they developed.  He currently works in technical design and estimating for an electric utility. His avocation and passion is promoting biochar as a climate solution. His wife, Laurie Gallian, was elected to the Sonoma City Council in 2008, and as Mayor for 2011.

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