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ALL Power Labs is the new global leader in small-scale gasification. We make biomass gasifiers that are ready for everyday use, to serve real world distributed energy needs.

Our project is an experiment in collaborative science and open source engineering.  Participants around the world are working together to advance the science of gasification, and the engineering solutions to implement it meaningfully for today’s users.

We started in 2008 with the open source Gasifier Experimenters Kit (GEK), to support research, education and DIY hacking in biomass thermal conversion.  Four years later the GEK has evolved into the Power Pallet— a fully automated solution for personal scale biomass power generation. Today you can find over 400 of our systems in 40 countries, supporting research in over 50 universities.

Our motivating goal is to deploy at scale a new type of energy product- a personal scale waste-to-energy appliance.  Imagine a “personal computer of energy”, or a “washing machine of power”, a machine which intakes the “waste” biomass all around us, and converts it to multiple forms of useful power and products.  We’re bringing the machine to where the fuel already is, and delivering multiple output types right where the people and needs are.

The Power Pallet currently supports biomass to electricity, heat and shaft power outputs.  Soon we will add to this biochar, cooling/refrigeration, and water purification (and in the much further future, liquid fuels).  Step by step, we are realizing a “magic box” which intakes mixed wastes, and outputs multiple good things.

We invite you to join us for the ongoing collaborative process of refining GEK systems, and proving gasification to be a uniquely cost optimized solution for distributed power and product generation.

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