Sonoma Biochar

We are offering 2 different ways to purchase Biochar. Sonoma Biochar is straight Biochar. Sonoma Living Biochar is a blend of Sonoma Biochar, Biodynamic Hi-Test Compost and Christmas Tree Mulch. The application is slightly different.

1.25 Cubic feet of Sonoma Biochar is applied to the surface of 9 square feet of soil. Cover the Biochar with a high quality compost and water well. This step will allow the water running through the compost to form a compost tea that can be absorbed by the Biochar, thereby 'charging' it. Next, work the compost and biochar into the top 8-12 inches of soil and water well. Allow the soil to come to equilibrium for a few days, continuing to irrigate regularly. Next, hold of on watering until the soil feels just moist, not wet or dry. You are now ready to plant.

1.25 Cubic feet of Sonoma Living Biochar is applied to 6 square feet of soil. Water well to allow the compost tea to soak into the Biochar. Work Sonoma Living Biochar into the top 8-12 inches of soil and water well for a few days. Allow the soil to dry until it is moist before planting. Biochar is applied only once, but the results will last forever as long as you keep your soil biologically active. Regular applications of compost, mulch, cover crop, etc. will recharge the biochar over the years.

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