Sonoma Compost

Sonoma Compost operates the Organic Recycling Program on behalf of the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency. We accept yard trimmings and vegetative food discards that are placed in curbside containers by local residents. Yard trimmings are also delivered directly to our site by landscapers, tree trimmers and the public. In addition, we accept selected agricultural byproducts from local farms, wineries and food processors.

These materials are carefully made into premium quality organic compost and mulches, as well as bio-fuel that is used to generate electricity. Tree limbs are cut to the right length and split, seasoned and sold as affordable firewood. We also accept wood scraps provided it is unpainted and not pressure-treated. After re-useable lumber is sorted out, the balance is converted into our Path Mulch and bio-fuel.

Contact Phone: 
707 664 9113

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