Scientists and researchers are consistently discovering extraordinary, new benefits of adding PermaMatrix to the soil! Most recently, PermaMatrix has been shown to not only significantly reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, but also dramatically aid in the reduction of various other green house gases. By mimicking the perfect wisdom found in nature, the benefits of PermaMatrix are astounding! Reversing the effects of the Earth’s toxified soils is beneficially limitless. We are thankful to have found this golden key hidden in nature that essentially unlocks and reverses the soil contamination practices of the past century.

PermaMatrix ™ is a new way of thinking, developing the optimum rhizosphere for plant growth using mother natures components.  It performs a superior function to typical compost/topsoil installations as it does not require the traditional volume based application.  PermaMatrix ™ application rates are based on the correct microbial and mychorrhizae counts, along with the organic carbon based components that will reestablish the natural biological function of a disturbed site.

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