Carbon Conservation for Home, Health, Energy & Climate

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 13:00 to 14:00

The Paleoclimate Record shows, Agricultural-Geo-Engineering is responsible for 2/3rds of our excess greenhouse gases. The unintended consequence, the flowering of our civilization. Our science has now realized these consequences and has developed a more comprehensive wisdom. Wise land management, Afforestation and the Thermal Conversion of Biomass can build back our Soil Carbon.

Pyrolysis, Gasification and Hydro-Thermal Carbonization are known biofuel technologies, What is new are the concomitant benefits of biochars for Soil Carbon Sequestration; building soil biodiversity & nitrogen efficiency, for in situ remediation of toxic agents, and, as a feed supplement cutting the carbon foot print of livestock. Modern systems are closed-loop with no significant emissions. The general life cycle analysis is: every 1 ton of biomass yields 1/3 ton Biochar equal to 1 ton CO2 equivalent, plus biofuels equal to 1MWh exported electricity, so each energy cycle is 1/3 carbon negative.

Cutting edge, third generation companies, aiming for drop-in fuels, report that 1 ton of biomass yields 75 gallons of bio-gasoline and 1/3 Ton Biochar. Another pathway is production of Ammonia and Biochar from biomass, making Agriculture Fossil Free Fertilizer, In combination; Farmers can be Fossil Carbon Free utilizing less than 3% of their fields.



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