Mark Coleman, Ph.D.

PhD, Forest Resources, University of Washington, 1988 Fourteen years with Forest Service Research in Wisconsin and South Carolina Associate Professor, Forest Resources and Director of Intermountain Forest Tree Nutrition Cooperative, University of Idaho since 2008.

Judith Harwood

Project coordinator for the Mendocino County Woody Biomass Working Group (WBWG), a grass roots organization interested in utilizing excess woody biomass in a way that is ecologically, economically and socially beneficial. The Biochar Demonstration Project was created through a series of community outreach events hosted by the WBWG. Education: B.S. Environmental Economics, M.P.A. Environmental Science and Policy

M. Ryan Delaney

Ryan Delaney is co-director of Carbon Roots International, an NGO dedicated to the proliferation of biochar in the developing world through market-based strategies.

Anthony Anyia, Ph.D.

Dr. Anthony Anyia received his PhD in 2001 from the Humboldt University of Berlin. He joined the Alberta Research Council (now part of Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures, AITF) as a Research Scientist in 2002. He is currently a lead Scientist and Manager of the Bioresource Technologies Business Unit at AITF. His portfolio of programs also includes the biomass pyrolysis program that focuses on biochar production and end-use applications development.

Wayne S. Teel, Ph.D.

Wayne is a professor of environmental science in the Integrated Science and Technology Program at JMU. He teaches courses on environmental issues, water, agricultural impacts, sustainability, and geography. Over the last four years he directed undergraduate work on biochar projects. He received his Ph.D. from the Natural Resources Department at, Cornell University, specializing in Agroforestry.

Kurt Spokas, Ph.D.

Kurt Spokas is a research soil scientist with the United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) in St. Paul, MN. His main research areas are: 1) impacts of management practices (particularly fungicides and biochar additions) on the cycling of carbon, nitrogen, and other greenhouse gases and 2) development of farming practices to improve overall water quality.

Kelly Sveinson

Kelly Sveinson is an instructor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies at Langara College in Vancouver BC. He has led a variety of environmental based projects at Langara College including wetland naturalization and field experiential education. He is currently on a leave from teaching and is focusing on making and characterizing biochar in the laboratories of the college.

Bernardo del Campo

Bernardo (Berni) del Campo, completed his Bachelors in Agricultural Engineering at Universidad de la Republica Facultad de Agronomia in Uruguay and his M.S. in Biorenewable Resources and Technology from Iowa State University. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University under Robert Brown. His research interests include development of biofuels and related products, specifically the safety and implementation of biochar.

Thomas R. Del Monte, J.D./MBA

Thomas is president of Interra Energy, Inc. In building Interra, he combined the skills of a renewable energy attorney, an innovative MBA, a nurseryman, and pyrolysis technology inventor. Thomas has been active in the biochar community since 2007 and has publicly spoken about biochar on several occasions on topics ranging from biochar economics, biochar's potential inclusion in carbon markets, and biochar production technology.
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Thomas R. Miles

Thomas R. Miles has designed, developed, installed and tested agricultural and industrial systems for fuel handling, air quality, and biomass energy since 1975. An expert in combustion and gasification of biomass, he has designed and developed many systems to make biochar. He has sponsored and hosted internet discussions on biomass energy since 1994 including biochar@yahoogroups.com listservs and www.biochar.bioenergylists.org since 2006.


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