Peter Weisberg

Peter Weisberg, Senior Project Analyst for The Climate Trust, has over four years of experience working in carbon markets. He originates, analyzes and invests in new projects for the Trust and its clients and provides technical expertise and support to the full range of Climate Trust work. His primary focus is on understanding and applying existing and proposed carbon market protocols. He also serves as lead technical specialist for innovative efforts on new project sectors, methodologies, and offset quality criteria.
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Gregory Stangl

Gregory Stangl, CEO of Phoenix Energy, has been working in the energy and environment field since early 1999 when he led the buyout and subsequent turnaround of Energy Investors, a firm dedicated to improving air quality in Europe by replacing coal furnaces and improving facility energy efficiency. Developments in Europe led the business into the biomass gasification arena, such that in 2007 Phoenix Energy was spun out to focus exclusively on that market in the US.

Paul Bozzo

Paul Bozzo
Paul Bozzo has a professional background that combines more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurial strategy, angel/venture capital financing, SBA lending and business planning. Paul is founder and Principal of the 10X Group, a boutique consultancy specializing in working with scalable start-up and fast-growth entrepreneurial ventures in San Francisco’s North Bay region. In this capacity he specializes on issues related to private equity funding, start-up strategy, business planning and financial analysis.

Natalia Rogovska, Ph.D

Natalia Rogovska received her Ph.D in Soil Science from Iowa State University. Currently she is an Assistant Scientist in the Department of Agronomy, ISU. Her research interests include studying the impact of biochar application on greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural soils, developing screening procedure to differentiate between qualities of biochar, impact of biochar on soil quality and plant disease severity.

Meghana Rao

Meghana Rao is an upcoming Junior at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon. She was introduced to the idea of biochar while doing research for her science project more than two years ago. Since then, she has done independent research on biochar stability at Oregon State University. She presented her last year’s work at the Asia Pacific Biochar Conference. She also enjoys playing competitive tennis and teaching afterschool science classes to at-risk youth locally.

Daoyuan Wang

I am a PhD Candidate major in Environmental Science in Donghua University, Shanghai, China and also a visiting scholar in University of California, Davis. My research focus on how drought and wet/dry cycles affect agoecosystem.

Zuolin Liu

Ph.d. candidate, Department of Earth Science, Rice University, TX - M.S., Hydrogeology, Clemson University, SC - B.E., Hydrology and water resources, Jilin University, China

Sunny Castillo

Grad-student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks pursuing a degree in the Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Sciences program. Sunny works as a Soil Conservationist with the Natural Resource Conservation Service in Fairbanks helping farmers and ranchers to apply conservation practices in their operations. Sunny's place of residence is Fairbanks, Alaska.

Daniela Busch

Work Experience: Student research assistant for Dr. Claudia Kammann, Dept. of Plant Ecology JLU Gießen, Germany and Scientific officer for Prof. Bruno Glaser, Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, Soil Biogeochemistry, MLU Halle, Germany. Publication: Busch D., Kammann* C. Grünhage L. and Müller C. (2011): Simple Biotoxicity Tests for Evaluation of Carbonaceous Soil Additives: Establishment and Reproducibility of Four Test Procedures. In: J. Environ. Qual. (40), S. 1–10.

Martin Olazar, Ph.D.

Martin Olazar graduated in 1978 and received his doctorate in 1985 from the University of the Basque Country (Spain). He became Professor of Chemical Engineering at this university in 1994. He is a member of the Spanish Biomass Platform and sits on his university’s Committee for Research Management. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers and supervisor 30 PhD theses.


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