Ray Gallian

Ray is the founder of the Sonoma Biochar Initiative, formalizing an interest in climate change mitigation efforts. As a Planning Commissioner for the City of Sonoma, he served as a City appointed representative to review the developing Sonoma County Climate Action Plan (2007-2009). Researching possible mitigation responses, he found biochar was the most promising, both global in scope and locally deployable, and sought a focused entity to develop a tangible demonstration project.

Michael Urban

With Mr. Ric Beddingfield, Mr Urban is the co-founder of Biochar Merchants - a business whose purpose, since 2009, has been the re-sale of horticultural charcoal including chars that result as a by-product of lump charcoal production. Mr. Urban, a father of six, holds a BA from Ohio State University and an MBA from Syracuse University.

Robin J Cook

Robin Cook has been in the native seed business for over 18 years. His experience specializes in new technology development based on natural processes. This experience in seeding, erosion control and streambank restoration, has helped many industry Architects and Engineers to implement complex designs for ecological restoration. Robin is a Certified Installer of the Envirolok Vegetated Slope Protection System, and is a Certified River Restoration Professional thru Portland State University.

Jeff Wallin

Jeff is a co-founder of The Biochar Company (formally EcoTechnologies Group) a whole-systems development company and the senior partner of HMI Biochar in Kauai, Hawaii. He is one of the foremost biochar entrepreneurs in the country, with a focus on advancing new technologies, launching projects, building supportive teams to demonstrate and prove biochar's sustainability, while creating trusted biochar brands with The Soil Reef and Hawaii Biochar Product. Jeff is also the founder of the Char Alliance for The First Tier.

Johan Perret, Ph.D.

Dr. Johan Perret is professor of Soil Management and Precision Agriculture at EARTH University, Costa Rica. He co-founded Green Roots Consultants in 2009. His main focus has been on sustainable soil management and efficient use of fertilizers and water in agriculture. Johan Perret started working on biochar production and biochar activation three years ago to provide a sustainable solution to soil degradation in the humid tropics.

Christoph Fühner, Ph.D.

Christoph Fühner is a biologist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany. He uses his long-term experience in the ecophysiology and soil science of plant mineral nutrition for the development of so-called "sewchar systems". His concept integrates benefits of thermochemical technologies in wastewater treatment and the reuse of carbonized materials as soil amendments to establish sustainable resource management in sanitation systems.

Konstantin Terytze, Prof. Dr. mult. Dr. h. c.

Prof. Dr. mult. Dr. h. c. Konstantin Terytze - professor at Freie Universität of Berlin since 1994. Specialist for environmental chemistry, soil biology and quality criteria for environmental regulations - additional since 1991 Federal Environment Agency of Germany - soil protection, development of soil quality criteria, regulation and implementation of soil protection.

Shoieb Akaram

Shoieb Akaram is from India. He did his Engineering degree from Sastra University in Industrial Biotechnology followed by a diploma in Clinical Research. He continued his passion towards environmental engineering by joining the Master’s program in Bioresource Engineering under the supervision of Dr Shiv Prasher. He is majorly looking at various application of Biochar.

Sherie L. Edenborn, Ph.D.

Sherie L. Edenborn, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Microbiology at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Edenborn received her Ph.D. in Plant and Soil Science/Environmental Microbiology from West Virginia University. She is currently working on projects that examine how microbial communities may influence the ability of biochar to improve the ability of plants to resist disease and remove metal contaminates from soil.

Benjamin Wirth

10/2006-01/2012 Study of Physical Engineering Science at the Technische Universität Berlin. 02/2012-present PhD Student at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam Bornim focusing on the anaerobic treatment of HTC waste water and its potential.


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