Susan Haydon

Geographer, foodie, and advocate of developing a true ”sense of place”, Ms. Haydon’s career is founded on planning for a sustainable future built on grass roots self-reliance, strong work ethic, and ingenuity. As Conservation & Education Program Director for the Southern Sonoma County Resource Conservation District, she manages district programs providing landowners technical advice, assistance, and access to resources promoting conservation and land stewardship. Ms. Haydon also serves on the Rohnert Park Planning Commission and is a Steering Committee Member of the Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative.

Johannes Lehmann, Ph.D.

Johannes Lehmann
Research and teaching in soil biogeochemistry and soil fertility management. Specialization in soil organic matter and nutrient studies of managed and natural ecosystems. Focus on soil degradation and sustainable agriculture in the tropics (especially Africa), bio-energy, greenhouse gas emissions from soil and headwaters, and synchrotron-based methods for soil research.

Richard Dale

Richard Dale has nearly 30 years of experience in environmental policy and nonprofit management. He co-founded the Sonoma Ecology Center in 1990 and has been its director since 1992. In his tenure, the Sonoma Ecology Center has developed into a locally driven, regionally respected agency working through extensive partnerships to conduct technical research, education, and restoration to sustain and enhance ecological health at the watershed scale.


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