Kelpie Wilson

Kelpie Wilson is a writer and a mechanical engineer. She has worked for IBI on communications and project development since September 2008.

Alex Dolginow

Alex Dolginow is the Climate Protection Campaign's Implementation Manager for agriculture, forestry, open space and adaptation. Alex is a Harvard Fellow who recently graduated with a B.A. in neurobiology. Past experiences include teaching sustainable urban design to Chinese students, field coursework in urban engineering in Brazil, and helping fund and implement a clean water project in the Dominican Republic.

Kelby Fite, Ph.D.

Kelby holds a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science from Clemson University, with a research focus on urban soil renovation and root biology. He also holds a Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, both from the University of Georgia.

Thayer Tomlinson

Thayer Tomlinson is the Communications Director for the International Biochar Initiative, managing the IBI website, newsletter, and sustainability guidelines as well as supporting biochar initiatives around the world. Ms. Tomlinson was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mongolia (1998 - 2000) and has a Master's Degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

John Miedema

As the Director of Biomass Energy for Thompson Timber in Philomath Oregon, John has built and now operates an integrated pyrolysis and gasification facility on site at a log-chipping yard. John is also the founder of the Pacific Northwest Biochar Initiative and has been taking a leadership role in biochar advocacy and research since 2008.

Will Bakx

Will Bakx started composting in 1982 as a student at Sonoma State University. He started Sonoma Compost Company in 1985 composting agricultural discards. Since 1993 he has been director of product development and soil scientist with his company to be one of the most recognized compost facilities in the state diverting over 1,400,000 tons of yard trimmings from the landfill.

Erich J. Knight

Erich J. Knight, an ornamental gardener of 32 years, has spent the last six years advocating for thermal conversion of biomass. He has been directly involved in several projects concerning soil carbon at James Madison University, as well as conference planing & presentations at ISU and CU Boulder.

Mike Rocke

Mike Rocke is Vice President of Corporate Development for CoolPlanetBioFuels, which produces a negative-carbon gasoline blend from non-food renewable biomass through thermocatalytic processing. The firm’s business model is to build, sell, and operate modular fuel refineries that produce gasoline in close proximity to biomass, which in turn is sold to major refiners who need low- and negative-carbon gasoline inputs. The company is currently producing and testing fuel that meets the California 2020 Low Carbon Fuel Standard in conventional automobiles. Mike has previous experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Intel Corporation, and Transonic Combustion.

Terry Mock

Terry has developed a variety of pioneer residential, commercial, industrial and recreational land development projects which employed innovative sustainability technologies. Terry is the co-founder of Sustainable Land Development Initiative and is now developing a sustainable home and permaculture eco-forestry research, education, and recreational project overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

John Bonitz

John Bonitz's profession began as an award winning solid waste & recycling manager. Graduate studies in climate policy brought him to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), where he analyzed cost-effective renewable energy technologies. His work in sustainable agriculture addressed the challenges of financing. With the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, John works to ensure that bioenergy is developed sustainably.


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