Stefanie Kloss

Stefanie holds a degree in physical geography and started her PhD work at the university of Natural Resources and and Life Sciences, Vienna in cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). Her research focused on biochar characterization as well as the effects of biochar on soil fertility and plant yield on temperate agricultural soils.

Justin Beck

Justin Beck is currently a "Hiwi" or assistant scientist/administrator for the new COST Action (Cooperation in Science and Technology) for the European Union's new project on Biochar research at the Martin Luther University in Halle, Germany. Justin is primarily a Biochar advocate and an "end user" at a community garden in Germany. Previously he was part of the Community Climate Action Plan of Sonoma County for the Climate Protection Campaign. Justin is also an electronic music producer and DJ.
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Brian Von Herzen, Ph.D.

Dr. Brian Von Herzen, Executive Director of The Climate Foundation, obtained his A.B. in Physics from Princeton University and his Ph.D. in Computer and Planetary Science from Caltech where he was a Hertz Fellow. Dr. Von Herzen has worked on global climate models and carbon balance. At The Climate Foundation, he works on biochar technologies for global carbon sequestration.

Morgan Williams

Research and development exec with broad experience in the implementation and management of multi-year, multi-location bioenergy production and biochar deployment projects with government, university, non-profit, and private sector partners.

Josiah Hunt

Josiah Hunt has worked extensively with biochar for several years now. A young farmer and agriculturalist, he has been researching the topic, educating on the topic and created a business focused on the production and distribution of biochar. While biochar is multi-faceted involving waste management, energy production, climate change mitigation and agriculture, biochar in agriculture has been the focus of his work.

Jerry Whitfield, Ph.D.

Dr Jerry Whitfield is an Engineer with experience in Aerospace and Power Engineering. He is an entrepreneur and innovator in Biomass Energy. He invented the wood pellet stove in 1983 and built a successful company around this product. He is widely recognized as the pioneer of this industry. He is currently developing commercial pyrolysis reactors for combined heat and char.

Andrew Crane-Droesch

Graduate student at Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley. Research focuses on environment and sustainable development, with particular focus on biochar in Western Kenya.

Paul S. Anderson

Paul Anderson is known as "Dr TLUD" because of his leadership in Top-Lit UpDraft pyrolytic gasifier technology that makes biochar in sizes from small residential cookstoves up to 55-gallon barrels. See , especially the TChar documentation and his presentation on "Barrel-size Micro-gasification for Combined Heat and Biochar (CHAB) in “Mini” Industries" from the ETHOS 2012 Conference 14 days ago.

Ronal W. Larson

Dr. Larson is a founding board member of USBI and a member of the IBI Advisory Council. He is the present coordinator of the Yahoo list "Biochar-policy", and the first coordinator of several earlier Biochar lists (starting in 2006) and the "stoves" list (beginning in 1996). He is a Fellow and former chair of ASES (American Solar Energy Society).

Karl J Frogner, Ph.D.

PhD: University of Chicago; President & Project Development Head, UB International; Member, Advisory Committee, IBI


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