Lopa Brunjes

Lopa has been deeply steeped in the biochar industry for 5 years. She helped take Biochar Engineering from start-up to acquisition as EVP; served as the Carbon War Room's Biochar Operation Lead; has spoken at TEDxBerkeley on biochar; and is now co-founder of The Biochar Company, whose Soil Reef™ product was launched in select stores in Spring 2012.
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Craig Sams

In 1967 Craig Sams founded Whole Earth Foods, now one of Europe's leading organic brands. In 1991, in partnership with Josephine Fairley, founded Green & Black's Organic Chocolate, the first product to carry the Fairtrade Mark. He is President of Green & Black’s, acquired by Cadbury’s in 2005 and subsequently by Kraft in 2010. It is the world's leading organic chocolate brand. Author of:, The Little Food Book and The Story of Green & Black’s. Soil Association Treasurer from 1990-2001 and Chairman from 2001 to 2007. Founded Carbon Gold in 2008 to establish biochar as a means to restore degraded soils, enhance organic farming and sequester carbon dioxide to reverse climate change

Johannes Lehmann, Ph.D.

Johannes Lehmann
Research and teaching in soil biogeochemistry and soil fertility management. Specialization in soil organic matter and nutrient studies of managed and natural ecosystems. Focus on soil degradation and sustainable agriculture in the tropics (especially Africa), bio-energy, greenhouse gas emissions from soil and headwaters, and synchrotron-based methods for soil research.


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