Jun Meng, Ph.D.

Professor Jun Meng is the Deputy Director of Liaoning Biochar Engineering & Technology Research Center. In 2006, he visited Unitec in New Zealand. During 2008–2010, he went to NERCITA (National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture, China) for cooperative research. Currently, he is engaged in biochar research, aimed at investigating the role of biochar in soil–plant–air continuum system, study field include pyrolysis technique and equipment, physical and chemical properties of biochar, comprehensive effects of biochar on soil and crop growth. In aspect of achievement transformation, he has hosted or co-hosted a series of extension projects, including Agricultural Technology Extension Project “Demonstration and Extension of Agro–forestry Residue Resource Utilization Technique” fund by Central Finance, Agricultural Comprehensive Exploitation Project “Agro–forestry Biochar Based Fertilizer and Integrated Technology”, and Achievement Transformation Project “Biochar Fertilizers and Soil Amendments Trial Demonstration” which was fund by Science and Technology Ministry of China. Pro. Meng graduated from Shenyang Agricultural University, and got his Ph.D. in agronomy in 2005.

Zheke Zhong, Ph.D.

Professor Zhong is the Chief Engineer of China National Research Center of Bamboo since 2003. Prior to joining in the organization, professor Zhong was a post doctor from in Technical University of Dresden in Germany 1999 to 2003, worked as an associate professor in Zhejiang Forestry Academy from 1992 to 1994, and as a researched assistant in Zhejiang Forestry Academy from 1984 to 1989. Professor Zhong is now mainly focusing on the following research topics: soil environmental restoration, bamboo forest ecology and application and production of biochar and in charge of research projects financed by China Natural Research Fund, National science and technology support plan etc. Professor Zhong received his doctor degree majored in Soil and Geological Science from Zhejiang University in 1999.

Ms. Jiaman Jin

Ms. Jin is the executive director of Global Environmental Institute. She is responsible for development, administration, design & management of GEI’s programs. She has 22 years working experience in environmental fields. Prior to joining the GEI, she worked at the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) as the Director of the Technology Service Center, and then the Vice Director of the Dean’s Office. Before that she served as a manager of UNEPnet Beijing Earth Station, and from 1992 to 1996 the Secretary and then the Administrating Director of Leader Environment and Development (LEAD) China program. Ms. Jin is one of the co-founders of the Green Earth Volunteer, and also a member of the Executive Council of China Youth Development Foundation. She joined the LEAD training program by Rockefeller Foundation and the Chinese Women Leader training program of Institute of International Education (IIE) by Elisabeth Luce Moore (ELM) Foundation. Ms. Jin got her B.A. degree at the Staff College of Chinese Academy of Science majoring in Equipment Management.

Ms. Chongying Chen

Ms. Chen is a program officer of energy and climate change in Global Environmental Institute (GEI), who joined in the organization in Aug 2010. Her research interests include rural energy and climate change, poverty reduction and rural development. Prior to joining GEI, she worked in the Singapore office of International Development Research Center from Jan 2009 to Jun 2010 as a research intern and program assistant. She got a master degree majored in rural development and management from China Agricultural University in 2009.

Ms. Xihua Chen

Ms. Chen is the program officer for the capacity building program with Chinese Academy of Governance. She is also doing part of the communication work at GEl. Prior to joining GEI, she studied the current eco movements such as permaculture, Evovillage, and Transition Town in the UK on her own. Prior to that, she worked as an engineer on various environmental remediation projects around the world for over 3 years. She volunteered in development, fair trade and energy field for a long time as well. She holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering from University of Pittsburgh.


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