Christopher Davidson

I am Exciting young Engineering student with the drive and motivation to design and build Gasification systems. Currently, I am building a 706KW anaerobic digestion power plant in Chico, CA. The plant will digest cow, chicken and pig manure. The digester also functions on organic food waste from local restaurants and grocery stores. Concurrently, I am working with a student intern group REGEN (Rice Hull Energy Generation) we are collaborating together to create a unit that will be both produce a decent Synapse gas and Biochar. We have made our first BlUG (Bottom Lit Updraft Gasifier) Initial testing has proven that we need more refinement in our design. A new GEN 2 design is being built to elevate some of our tar and slag issues. I have 6 years’ experience in the construction field, within everything from power plants to high-rise building construction also invested into starting up a nonprofit organization SYDTF (Sustainable Youth Development Task Force).

2012 US Biochar Conference Sponsors