Bert Bennett, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist and Senior Engineer
ICM, Inc.

Dr. Bert Bennett is a Principal Scientist and Senior Engineer at ICM, Inc., a renewable energy company established in 1995 and headquartered in Colwich, Kansas.  He is responsible for leading ICM’s research and development efforts in industrial-scale gasification and biochar production systems. In early 2008, under technical direction of Dr. Bennett, ICM initiated the design, fabrication and installation of their 150 ton/day commercial-scale demonstration gasifier located in Newton, Kansas.

Since early 2009, Dr. Bennett has supervised the unit’s operation, which has logged over 3,200 hours and gasified over 8,200 tons of a wide-range of feedstocks.  ICM is active in promoting biochar research efforts and has supplied over 300 tons of biochar to research institutions located throughout the Midwest, Canada and Mexico.  In 2009, Dr. Bennett earned his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in Agricultural Engineering and Biorenewable Resources and Technology, with a special interest in advanced Thermal Mechanical Engineering.  Prior to joining ICM, Dr. Bennett spent 17 years working as an Aquacultural Systems Engineer in Ecuador, Peru and Mexico.

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