Notes on the Conference Program

To enhance the program:

Finance and Entrepreneurship:  Problems and solutions of start-up companies, designers, inventors and investors in the industry.  One format we are considering here is Financial Speed Dating:  a session in which those seeking and providing financial support are put together in a room for maximum exchange of ideas and resources for building enterprises.  In particular, we are looking  for facilitators, a Guide on the Side, for this event, as well as focussed presentations for this track

Case Studies:  We want your story of practical application or implementations of biochar projects around the world:  hard data has its place, but we also want the stories and lessons from people and projects on the ground.

Policy Perspectives: Where is the biochar effort going?  Dare we call it an industry yet? ( How ) can we fulfill the goals of economic development and ecological balance and stewardship?  What is our relationship with standards regimes:  IBI standards, USBI policies, organic certification, adoption  by other schools of agricultural practice, air quality requirements, carbon trading, renewable energy?

Small is Beautiful: Have no concern that your project, your enterprise or your experience is too modest to present to the biochar world.  This Conference is designed to present and speak to every scale and every level of experience:  some of the most important insights may come from the most humble beginnings.

Art and Culture:  The widely anticipated film "Symphony of the Soil", by Deborah Koons Garcia ("the Future of Food") will be the cultural centerpiece of the conference.  Other artists have submitted inspiring works that will be featured in various formats and venues.  These contributions are not mere adjuncts to the conference:  they are powerful and essential  statements and comments that go directly to the core of what we need to understand about how our efforts relate to the ecosystem and the human role in it.  We are looking for more such statements, in any form or medium, to include in the fabric of the Conference.

Farmouts: We are arranging four breakout presentations (one presentation for each of four of the breakout sessions) to take place on local operations that are involved with biochar.  We have a USDA Certified Organic CSA, a farm/market operation that is "beyond sustainable", a permaculture design and demonstration center, and a vineyard lined up.  Each Farmout session will comprise a biochar session by one of our submitting presenters and a presentation by the grower at each of the farm operations, to facilitate a thorough exchange between the biochar conferees and four growers on the ground.  If your submittal lends itself to presentation  in the field or in the barn at an operating farm or vineyard, please let us know.  All four of these slots are still open, to both first and second call submitters.

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