Farm Out - Gaps Crown Vineyard

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 15:00 to 17:00

Farm & tour notes: 140 acre vineyard located near SSU, east of university along Copeland Creek. Vineyard produces premium wine grapes managed by Atlas Vineyard management. 140 acres planted in 37 vineyard blocks- Sonoma Coast Appellation, pinot noir varietal.       

What will be covered:  vineyard production, local soil type and potential issues of using biochar in field trials, recent restoration project.  Vineyard management has partnered with Sotoyome RCD and PRBO/STRAW in conducting creek restoration project involving local students in education program.  Restoration project included installation of native plants and removal of non-native invasives for water quality and fisheries enhancements.  Winery will likely bring a few bottles to pour a taste for participants in field.  RCD to supply water and glasses.  Some shade located along creek.  May be a portalet on site, no other facilities.

Atlas Vineyard Mgmt. reps will give overview of vineyard, welcome and brief remarks on their vineyard management and environmental stewardship and enhancement work.  Kevin Cullinen, Sotoyome RCD will describe restoration work. John Parodi, STRAW, will describe restoration/educational program and the breadth of restoration work conducted on other reach of Copeland Creek and throughout the watershed. RCD Director Ron Rolleri, will also likely attend this field trip.   

 DIRECTIONS From Sonoma State University:

Take a left on East Cotati Ave traveling eastward and then turn right on Petaluma Hill Rd. Continue on Petaluma Hill Rd and turn left at the first stop light onto Roberts Ranch Rd.   Continue on Roberts Ranch Rd for approximately 1.3 miles until it turns into Pressley Rd (just after Lichau Rd) and then turn right into the driveway at 6900 Pressley Rd. There will be a beige-colored gate that will be open.

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